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Emotional Health Articles

Please Don't Visit This Type of Doctor Unless You Absolutely Have to

Why? Because if you do, you have a 99% chance of emerging with a "disorder" along with a prescription for a risky substance that can likely cause far more negative health consequences than all...

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Mental Turmoil: Depression Treatment Drives Users to Murder, Suicide

09 Dec 2017 | 147,198 Views

It's the world's second most prescribed antidepressant, taken for everything from anxiety, depression, irritability, muscle tension and fatigue - but don’t be fooled into believing it’s proven to be safe. Up to 85 percent get addicted within weeks.

Eating the Right Foods Can Give Your Mood a Boost

30 Nov 2017 | 181,781 Views

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, cutting out these brain- and mood-wrecking culprits could work wonders for your mental health. Also, make sure you dose up on this vitamin - it's critical for psychological well-being.

Child Prodigy Astounds Music World With Full-Length Opera Composition

25 Nov 2017 | 186,350 Views

I am so pleased to post this video and I hope it gives you as much joy as it did me when I first viewed it.

An Attitude of Gratitude Can Help You Live a Longer, Happier Life

24 Nov 2017 | 287,225 Views

Today, we're making shopping easy with site wide savings on nearly everything. Skip the crowds and take advantage of special deals on gifts that your friends and family will cherish, long after the season ends.

The Science of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

23 Nov 2017 | 19,556 Views

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs most often in the late fall and winter months. When you understand the underlying triggers, which are related to your body's integral relationship to natural sunlight and darkness, you can take steps to overcome SAD symptoms.

Can You Stop Yourself From Blushing?

16 Nov 2017 | 18,426 Views

Blushing occurs when veins in your face dilate, leading to reddening of your cheeks. It's typically triggered by stress, embarrassment or other strong emotions, and it’s an involuntary response that happens whether you like it or not. That said, there are ways to help control it and, in some cases, even prevent it.

Go Ahead and Cry

26 Oct 2017 | 17,461 Views

If you're the type of person who tries to suppress your tears, don't. Crying is not only natural, it's a process that can help you relieve stress, solicit support from others and even dull physical pain. So the next time you feel your tears welling up, it's OK - even good for you - to let them flow.

Most Back Pain Is Caused by Repressed Emotions

25 Oct 2017 | 117,435 Views

It's not your usual mainstream treatment, not by a long shot. But don't knock it, because it works in many cases. Just don't expect your doctor to understand it.

Moods Are Contagious: Good and Bad

12 Oct 2017 | 23,022 Views

If you're wondering why you're feeling blue, think about a recent conversation you had with a friend. There's a good chance your mood may have been soured by a negative friend, as research increasingly shows moods are contagious. Fortunately, it's possible to catch your friends' good moods, too.

Should Antidepressants Be Given Prophylactically to Nondepressed Individuals?

05 Oct 2017 | 131,541 Views

It would be comical if it wasn't true. Researchers are investigating whether to take this pill (which works no better than a placebo) and use it to prevent a condition it doesn't even fix. It's absolutely absurd, and the side effects could be devastating.


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