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Need Help Setting Goals and Sticking to Them?

15 Feb 2018 | 23,506 Views

Setting goals is crucial to achieve what you want out of life, but many people neglect this life-changing step. From first forming your goals to following through to their completion, here are the secrets to both setting your goals and sticking to them - including what to do if you feel like giving up.

How Stress Can Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

08 Feb 2018 | 28,247 Views

When you're stressed, your body releases glucose to fuel your muscles with energy so you can escape the threat. In the modern world, where most stress is the result of mental menaces, this physical mismatch can disrupt your blood sugar levels, increase your diabetes risk and more.

Express Gratitude

25 Jan 2018 | 141,548 Views

It counters the epidemic that overwhelms 1 in 4. Fortunately you can easily change this nightmare of an epidemic with one simple strategy that anyone can do - rich or poor, young or old. Builds immunity, happiness, longevity and reduces all sorts of signs of disease. Ready?

The Healing Power of Nature

25 Jan 2018 | 31,923 Views

For many technologically literate (if not savvy) individuals not necessarily raised within earshot of a phone, instant gratification has become a perceived birthright, but with it has come a mounting weariness with the speed of life. If nature is the key, can we really, as the song says, 'get back to the garden?'

Depression Not Caused by Chemical Imbalance

18 Jan 2018 | 105,731 Views

The widely held belief that depression is due to low levels of serotonin or other chemicals in your brain is only a theory - one that's been largely disproven. Antidepressants targeting the chemical imbalance theory remain the go-to treatment for this condition nonetheless, doing those suffering a great and dangerous disservice.

Stubborn, Optimistic, Purposeful People Live Longer

13 Jan 2018 | 45,765 Views

How is it possible that researchers studying groups of people who’ve lived almost a century found that many of the much younger relatives of the almost-centenarians may have been in better physical shape, but the oldsters enjoyed better mental health? Is it all about attitude, or is there more than that?

Merry Christmas to You and Yours From Dr. Mercola

25 Dec 2017 | 160,967 Views

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours. I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your loyalty and support, and wish you peace, joy and health on this special day. Together we are making a difference.

Keys to Coping With Grief During the Holidays

21 Dec 2017 | 79,791 Views

Don't pretend you don't hurt and that everything's OK if you're grieving this holiday season. You will get through it. Instead of avoiding your grief, lean into it with these tips. Cut yourself some slack. And know that I'm with you in spirit, as I'm also grieving this year.

Mental Turmoil: Depression Treatment Drives Users to Murder, Suicide

09 Dec 2017 | 169,900 Views

It's the world's second most prescribed antidepressant, taken for everything from anxiety, depression, irritability, muscle tension and fatigue - but don’t be fooled into believing it’s proven to be safe. Up to 85 percent get addicted within weeks.

Eating the Right Foods Can Give Your Mood a Boost

30 Nov 2017 | 198,833 Views

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, cutting out these brain- and mood-wrecking culprits could work wonders for your mental health. Also, make sure you dose up on this vitamin - it's critical for psychological well-being.