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Emotional Health Articles

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The Many Benefits of Expressing and Receiving Gratitude

26 Nov 2015 | 175,693 Views

Boosting every major organ system, this is perhaps the best way to cope with stress and avoid the doctor's office. And even though it almost automatically regulates your levels of serotonin, testosterone, oxytocin, and dopamine - it doesn't cost you a cent.

Techniques for Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

29 Oct 2015 | 51,973 Views

Do you need some help relaxing and learning to live in the present moment? Mindfulness and meditation can do just that, boosting your well-being and physical health in just minutes per day.

This Often-Loathed Household Chore May Enhance Your Well-Being

15 Oct 2015 | 84,135 Views

Mundane tasks may turn into veritable therapy sessions if you adopt the proper mindset. Even household chores you detest have the power to boost your well-being if you read this simple passage before doing them...

The Power of Face-to-Face Meetings in a Digital World

08 Oct 2015 | 33,989 Views

Communicating via video chat, email, and phone calls saves time and money, but increasing research suggests it can't compare with the power of meeting face-to-face. What are the many benefits of in-person meetings?

Reanalysis Confirms Long Held Suspicions — Paxil Is Unsafe and Ineffective for Teens

08 Oct 2015 | 186,294 Views

The company calls it safe for children and teens, even after 800 lawsuits and $1 billion in settlements. Users were an astounding 10.3 times more likely to commit suicide compared to placebo. Tell their doctor "no," do these things instead, and spare yourself intense grief.

Don't Ignore These 10 Things If You Struggle With Anxiety

01 Oct 2015 | 103,861 Views

Anxiety can leave you crippled with fear and unable to fully enjoy your life. Rethinking these 10 common behaviors may help you to change your relationship with anxiety so it becomes more manageable.

Feeling Sad Turns Your World Gray

24 Sep 2015 | 38,978 Views

A gloomy mood is often described as "feeling blue." It turns out sadness may actually impact your visual processes, leading to a less colorful, grayer world.

Different Emotions Reveal Changes in Tears Under Microscope

10 Sep 2015 | 49,990 Views

What human tears look like under a microscope is intriguing in its own right, but when those tears are sorted by their different emotions, it's downright fascinating.

Friendship Fights Depression, Researchers Find

03 Sep 2015 | 151,471 Views

Many take them for granted, or ignore them as they rush through life. But recent research shows that paying them heed doubled rate of recovery from depression, and halved risk of developing it in the first place. Could it lift your mood too?

More Evidence: Benefits of Music Easing Pain and Anxiety After Surgery

27 Aug 2015 | 45,938 Views

Music is an inexpensive and readily available tool you can harness to relieve pain and anxiety before, during, and after medical procedures. New research shows just how remarkably effective this simple intervention can be.


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