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Emotional Health Articles

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23 (Scientific) Happiness Hacks

11 Feb 2016 | 55,741 Views

You can choose to be happier starting today by trying out these scientifically-proven happiness hacks. Try one or try them all to reduce stress, build a more positive outlook and enhance your feelings of well-being.

Documentary Explores Link Between Mood and Diet

09 Jan 2016 | 187,235 Views

Forget calorie counting. If you feel like your cravings have too much power over you, the solution to getting back in control may be easier than you think with these little-known techniques.

Depressed About Antidepressants

31 Dec 2015 | 34,443 Views

Antidepressants have recently been linked to a range of serious side effects, including worsened mental health and risks to pregnant women. Know the very real risks, and questionable effectiveness, before treating depression with drugs.

Powerful Example of the Power of Kindness

24 Dec 2015 | 243,892 Views

When her boy confided his "secret worries" to Santa at the mall, you won't believe what he uttered when asked about the "naughty list." 21 words that will make your jaw drop...

How Stress Makes You Sick

17 Dec 2015 | 71,620 Views

If you're stressed out mentally, it's only a matter of time before you begin to feel the physical effects; but how, exactly, does feeling stressed lead to chronic diseases and other illnesses?

Light Therapy Can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder and Major Depression

03 Dec 2015 | 239,184 Views

And the best part is, this remarkable mood booster is also way cheaper. Seriously, this 8-week study will make your jaw drop and shake your head at doctors who are still handing out antidepressants like candy...

Here's the Magic Number That Leads to Happiness

03 Dec 2015 | 72,452 Views

If you want to be truly happy, the number of positive experiences in your day must exceed the number of negative ones - by a somewhat surprising margin. Only 20 percent of Americans manage to attain the "magic number."

The Many Benefits of Expressing and Receiving Gratitude

26 Nov 2015 | 223,358 Views

Boosting every major organ system, this is perhaps the best way to cope with stress and avoid the doctor's office. And even though it almost automatically regulates your levels of serotonin, testosterone, oxytocin, and dopamine - it doesn't cost you a cent.

Techniques for Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

29 Oct 2015 | 61,381 Views

Do you need some help relaxing and learning to live in the present moment? Mindfulness and meditation can do just that, boosting your well-being and physical health in just minutes per day.

This Often-Loathed Household Chore May Enhance Your Well-Being

15 Oct 2015 | 94,005 Views

Mundane tasks may turn into veritable therapy sessions if you adopt the proper mindset. Even household chores you detest have the power to boost your well-being if you read this simple passage before doing them...


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