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Please Don't Visit This Type of Doctor Unless You Absolutely Have to

Why? Because if you do, you have a 99% chance of emerging with a "disorder" along with a prescription for a risky substance that can likely cause far more negative health consequences than all...

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How Thanksgiving Promotes Health and Happiness

24 Nov 2016 | 112,675 Views

Do you want to increase happiness and optimism, relationship satisfaction and boost your work performance as well? Practicing this on a regular basis could improve your blood sugar, inflammatory and immune systems, stress and reproductive hormones, blood pressure and even your neurotransmitters.

Could Pain Be Contagious, Just Like Happiness?

03 Nov 2016 | 121,289 Views

It could dash your cherished beliefs or assumptions, and has huge implications for helping loved ones in pain. On the other hand, find out how it ties to the 'Pollyanna' theory with its fascinating and potentially life-changing implications. See both angles of the story right here.

Conquer Your Email Inbox, Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

15 Oct 2016 | 32,693 Views

You may be tempted by this little pop-up on your computer screen, but it's best to turn it off. It may steal 25 percent of your work day, impede your ability to concentrate and lower your competency at your job. It's costing $997 billion to the US economy. Don't fall into this trap.

Ancient Wisdom Teachings for Greater Happiness

13 Oct 2016 | 178,179 Views

Want to be better able to cope with stress and have less anxiety and more positive emotions? Emphasizing these strategies may help improve your blood sugar, inflammatory and immune systems, stress and reproductive hormones, blood pressure and heart rhythms, and even your brain neurotransmitters.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Becoming More Prevalent

29 Sep 2016 | 283,742 Views

Affects 40 million Americans and more than 50 percent of college students. And no, it's not drugs. But doctors are quick to prescribe highly addictive drugs for it. Instead, treat it with these relatively unknown 'survival tips.' They work great, and won't kill you in the process.

Why Do We Laugh?

24 Sep 2016 | 38,048 Views

Sometimes something just strikes you funny, and you chuckle. Other times, a knee-slapping guffaw has you wiping your eyes. Laughing boosts your immune system, revs up your circulation and even relieves pain. Learn the science behind one of the body’s most spontaneous - and contagious - behaviors.

How to Talk to Strangers

22 Sep 2016 | 63,058 Views

Talking with strangers may place you outside your comfort zone but has an amazing number of benefits for both you and the person with whom you're talking. Following these simple strategies may help increase your success rate and benefits from connecting with strangers.

Here's Help for Grieving the Loss of Your Beloved Pet

01 Sep 2016 | 27,421 Views

The loss of a pet is one of the most difficult parts of pet ownership. Dr. Karen Becker shares important information on animal aging and dying, including help with the grieving process, in this two-part webinar.

The Many Benefits of Meditation

18 Jun 2016 | 265,002 Views

Try this in the morning - just like caffeine, it energizes you and boosts your productivity. But it does it without the adverse effects, de-exciting your nervous system and helping you release pent up stress, while improving your memory and creativity.

Suicides Are Surging

12 May 2016 | 42,232 Views

Rates of suicide are on the rise in the U.S. and around the world. From economic troubles and medications to losing a sense of cultural identity, the causes of suicide are as complex as they are varied. Find out what to do if a friend or loved one seems suicidal.


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